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Margaret O’Donovan

Manipulative Physiotherapist

Member of the Australian Physiotherapist Association,
Continence Foundation and
Consultant for Bedwetting Institute



Margaret completed her undergraduate physiotherapy training in Sydney and post graduate Manipulative Therapy at Cumberland College in Sydney in 1984.

She worked at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, the Mater in Dublin and The Royal Free Hospital in London before setting up Practice in Canberra over 20 years ago.

Since 1986 Margaret has been in private practice in Canberra with a special interest in Musculosketal conditions. More recently she has developed an interest in Continence Solutions.

She has developed highly successful programs to cure Bedwetting, Stress Incontinence, Frequency, Urgency, Soiling and Daytime Wetting.

Margaret is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and the Continence Foundation. She is a Founding Member of the Bedwetting Institute and remains a consultant to them.

15 years ago my eldest child was 9 years old and had never had a dry night. I had asked the doctor for advice and was told “he’d grow out of it”. By this time it was clear to me that no progress was being made. We had bumbled around, taking him to the toilet and trying alarms from the chemist, limiting his fluids and lifting him at night, all without success. Finally I heard of the Bedwetting Program at the Sydney Childrens Hospital.
I have implemented their program here in Canberra. This has been most rewarding for both me and my many clients.